• Factory automation

    Factory automation,Parts processing production line,Facility layout,Automatic line machine,Automatic line RGV ...

  • Automatic logistics equipment

    Composition and classification of PowerMax's automatic logistics handling system

  • Design control and management software

    PowerMax provides you with all professional automated management and logistics control software systems...

  • Simulation

    Simulation expert advisory service of automation system

  • Upgrade and maintenance

    PowerMax provides maintenance for your old equipment and upgradation of software/hardware system

  • PowerMax Technology Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience and professional technologies in the automation industry. Since its foundation, it has been focused on the R&D and services in the factory automation field. Based on the mechanical design, automatic control, information software, system integration and other advanced technologies, PowerMax provides overall customized solutions to meet the diversified requirements of factory automation of customers.
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